Parenting Parents play an important role in developing a child's life positively. Children stay in touch with parents more than teachers. Parents' mentality and behaviour have a deep effect on children. In today's time, most of the parents are becoming more aware of the children, which is a very positive thing. As a result of this awareness, they are also familiar to the pressure that the present education system puts on children’s brains and this concerns them. Parents also feel mental pressure with the children.

The use of the revolutionary education system presented by Navnayak Edusystem provides a pleasant experience for the following reasons:
Children are free from the burden of studies, so the parents also feel stress free
Due to the end of fear of children's examinations, the parents get mental satisfaction
Ethical progress with the academic education of children gives happiness to the parents
Due to the adoption of teaching method based on self-study, children do not need extra tuition which save money with which parents become more capable than earlier in providing many other types of education to children. Due to the education system presented by Navnayak Edusystem, parents see many types of direct changes in the behaviour of children such as:
Children's confidence grows even more than earlier
Children's tendency to take their own decisions begins to grow
Children begin to set their goals themselves

It is very important for parents to understand and treat the above changes positively otherwise the children feel tensed. All intellectuals have a clear belief that each child has a unique talent, but the present education system does not provide any way to reveal and develop it.
The teaching method by Navnayak Edusystem is fully based on the revelation and development of the children's talents; hence the results are also unbelievable.
It is very important for parents to be trained and aware to understand the positive effects generated by the self-Study System and develop them in the right direction.