Step 1 Reading

Step 1: Reading

source The foremost step for a student in understanding a chapter or topic is to read that chapter or topic in a correct way. It cannot be understood well unless it is read correctly. Skill and practice of matching the alphabets properly and to pronounce them in a correct way is extremely important for reading the content in a correct manner.
In Navnayak Edusystem, first of all the level of reading of the students is observed and analyzed. If any weakness is detected in the process of reading and pronunciation of students, they are induced to read and understand the words correctly by mutual discussion. In this process, competent students help and guide the weak students to read the words properly.

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As a result of this considerable experiment, the level of reading and pronouncing the words among the weak students rises and simultaneously competent students become more advanced in the direction of reading and pronouncing the words correctly.
Teachers are present in the role of a helper, coach and guide for the students to overcome the obstacles that come in their way.Confirmation from the teacher is must
before stepping up towards the next stage. Students will move further towards the next stage only after receiving confirmation from the teacher.