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Step 2: Meaning It is very important to understand the correct/right meaning of words. Generally it is observed that children skip those words and move ahead that they don't understand and eventually begin to feel distressed and burdened when subject matter is not understood properly. The problem of taking studies as burden develops in children due to a state of mind that leads to create sense of fear, shyness and guilt in them. They fear about what other people, classmates and their teachers will think or say about them, and therefore hide their flaws / weaknesses.
Children face a great mental pressure because of the expectations /desire of their parents and teachers to earn prestige in the society which is based on scoring maximum marks and to outperform other students.

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source Children, who are unable to compete in this race, gradually begin to get affected by this pressure and this pressure start to transform in a mental depression. It is extremely necessary to eliminate this mental depression from the students in order to attain proper education.
Navnayak Edusystem pays special attention on subject matter and encourages the children to come out of feeling of repentance by using some special techniques. Consequently, children openly share their problems with everyone instead of hiding them and work faster in the direction of overcoming them by taking it as a challenge.