Step 3 Understanding

Step 3: Understanding

Москва район Хорошёвский купить кокаин, амф бошка меф и ск Accurate understanding of content is also very important along with knowing proper meaning of words and reading them correctly. What we mean by accurate understanding of content is to grasp the content in the same context in which the author/writer is trying to explain.
To confirm that he is grasping the content in the right way and in right context, student recites the self taught and understood content by using some certain procedures to other classmates of his team. Other students analyze him on the basis of their own intellect and observe if some mistake is there.

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If some mistake is found, they try to correct it as much as possible by discussing the matter mutually; consequently all of them i.e. the reader and the listeners assimilate the content better than before. This process also makes the students capable enough to work as a team.
There is always a possibility of committing mistakes by the students in understanding the content, for which the teacher is always there as a guide, invigilator and supporter. The teachers confirm that all students are getting the content in the right context. This step is considered complete only after confirmation by the teacher.