Step 4 Summary

Step 4: Summary

Очо Риос купить кокаин, амф бошка меф и ск Today, most of the children are stressed mentally due to cramming and memorizing the content. They learn the matter repeatedly but forget again. The main challenge before the teachers is to make them learn the syllabus by any means and then help them not to forget it. Generally, we are able to remember only those things which we like and which belong to us naturally. For most of the kids, education does not belong to them but rather belong to their parents and teachers and this is also one of the basic reasons of mental stress in children.
It is the greatest trait of a writer that he accumulates maximum knowledge about a subject and then transforms it in the form of a chapter or topic on the basis of his own sightedness. A writer writes with an innovative approach based on his intellect and does not imitate anybody.


The art of writing a chapter or topic on the basis of one's own knowledge instead of memorizing or cramming it provides him recognition as a writer. Each student also has the ability to become a writer.
In Navnayak Edusystem, children are motivated and guided to write as a professional writer rather than being provided the ready-made content by teachers or writer, which results in zero mental pressure in children regarding learning and cramming the content.