Step 6 Drawing

Step 6: Drawing If some attention is paid while reading and understanding a subject-matter, you will find that a number of images form and disappear in your brain just like dreams, which it is a natural process. This process is correctly applicable when by focusing on the pictures appearing in the brain, these are drawn on a paper just the way a writer creates pictures and diagrams on the basis of his own visualization while writing a content, which is copied and learned by all the teachers and students. Level of visualization is almost same in everyone but the problem lies in the fact that in our education system instead of encouraging the visualization of children, visualization of writers and teachers is imposed on the children because of which children feel mental stress.

Купить закладку кокаин, мефедрон, героин, скорость меф ск, мдма, амфетамин, гашиш, экстази, шишки, бошки, шишки In Navnayak Edusystem, children are motivated and guided to completely utilize their natural visualization by using specific techniques. After going through this approach children get motivated to draw maximum number of pictures in their note books that appear in their minds by paying due attention to the subject. While working through this process, the visualization of children reveals surprisingly and any chapter or topic makes its place permanently in their mind.
Children get complete freedom from the problem of repeatedly memorizing and cramming the content after understanding this process.