Step 8: Confirmation

get link "Confirmation" through teachers and classmates on any academic work done by students is an important stage in Navnayak Edusystem. First of all, students read a topic and then understand it, then they draw pictures on the basis of their visualization and finally create 'questions' based on their creativity. An extremely important part of all these stages is 'confirmation'. Only after receiving confirmation from teacher and classmates at every stage, one can move towards the next stage. All the students of a class validate other student's work by making a team i.e. all the students play the role of invigilator while being a student. In Navnayak Edusystem, all the students learn as well as teach their classmate.With the help of the process of self-study and teaching other students, grip and understanding of a student on a topic or subject develops at very fast pace. There always remains a possibility of making mistakes and comprehending the content in wrong context in this process. In the form of its diagnosis, a teacher is always present as a guide/helper and his job is to ensure that students should work in a right direction.
In the end, any stage is considered complete after receiving confirmation from teacher.